Sunday, June 6, 2010

read my lips.

I am so obsessed with books at the moment.  Not only do I love books for their very intended purpose, but I love how they can make such a strong visual statement in your home or office.  I have always dreamed of having a library in my dream home one day with high ceilings, complete with a rolling white ladder that scales the entire wall.  Oh, and don't forget the open fireplace and amazing rug to lie on in front of it...  That's the dream anyway!  I have always had fun arranging and rearranging my books and magazines - I love how they can make an impact when arranged by colour, height, or totally randomly, stacked horizontally, etc.  Every pay I try and buy a book, so that when the time comes for me to move out, I'll be set with my own little (but hopefully big) library to set up and arrange at my very own house.

I have been inspired recently - my next book-related mission is to scour as many markets/op shops as I can to get my hands on some vintage Penguin books and arrange them in colour groups like below (and speaking of which, be sure to check out the awesome and very collectible Penguin mugs at Until).  Ahhh, so beautiful.

C x

Photo Credits: #1 originally posted by Mihi1 via Meet Me At Mikes, #2 Reya, #3 disturbance, #4 via Apartment Therapy

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