Wednesday, June 23, 2010

all you need is love.

For the first time in my life, I am without love.  Yes, I have the amazing love from my family and friends (which I quite sure I could not survive without!), but for the first time I am not dedicating myself and life to a partner.  I am not head over heels, butterflies in your tummy, sickeningly in love, with anyone.  I don't have 'that special someone' to cuddle at night (shotgun little spoon!), to talk to about my crap day at work or ask advice from the person who knows me best.  Nope, I'm not surprised with bunches of my favorite flowers, I don't cook dinner with anyone or relay 'inside' (usually ridiculous) jokes with a partner either.  There's no sweet texts during the day or someone to tell me I look beautiful before heading out.

And guess what?  I rather like it.  Because for the first time, I am dedicating all of the love inside of me to myself.  I am learning to enjoy spending time with myself.  I feel like the world's at my feet and I have a great future to look forward to, even if it's totally unknown presently.  I am enjoying getting to know myself better.  I am learning to lean on more than one person.  I am doing the things that I enjoy.  I am spending more time with all the special people in my life who are constants, and will be in my life forever.  I am meeting new people, challenging myself more and focusing on becoming the person I want to be.  I am searching and exploring the real me; not the ideal person that will necessarily attract Mr. Right, but the person I honestly am deep down.

With all that said, I do love love.  And I do beleive in it.  And I can't wait to be in love with someone else.  And I'm looking forward to being loved again.

So here's a website that I love, that is about 'love' - le love.

C x

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