Friday, June 11, 2010

funny bunny.

First it was the Louis Voutton rabbit-ear headpieces that made an appearance on the Autumn/Winter catwalk at Fashion Week late last year.  Shortly after, Madonna embraced the unlikely trend, sporting her very own pair at the Met Costume Gala, which inevitably set tongues wagging.  However, it now seems like all the hottest celebrities (everyone from Lady Gaga to the Olsen Twins) are following suit.

Probably not something we'd all rock into the office wearing on a Monday morning, but maybe this trend will filter down into a more ready-to-wear trend?  I'm thinking abstract headpeices but maybe not so 'bunny-like', a more 'bow-like' version?  I can appreciate the creative abstractness of these quirky headpieces but find myself questioning whether they scream sexy, glamorous, posh or cute?  While I'm not exactly sure what these head-peices are trying to say, I'm going to keep an open mind - the jury's still out on this one...

C x
Photo credits: #1 Fashionologie, #2 Hard Candy Music, #3 Tais-Toi, Sois Beau, #4 I Just Don't Fit, #5 Cute Carry, #6 Project Rungay, #7 Fierce Lives Here

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