Monday, April 11, 2011

riskin' it to get the biscuit.

... And it obviously paid off.  Wowsers.

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Image Credit: Jak & Jil

britt aboutaleb x the coveteur.

I am sure you are all well-versed with one of my fav blogs, The Coveteur...  If you're not, please do yourself a favour and check it out.  Like, right NOW.  If not for any other reason that we all love having a sneak peak in stylish girl's closets (plus the styling is gorgeous!)... 

"Britt Aboutaleb had spent three years at Fashionista, the height of digital fashion sources, where she edited and created original content that provided an insiders point of view into the world of up-to-the-minute fashion news. She hit the market at the right time, just as brands and fashion houses were starting to really notice (and implement) the importance of digital innovations. Blogs lead the way, and slowly, magazines began to adapt. So naturally, Britt made the move to the publication world, working with the team at ELLE Magazine, where she currently holds the title of Style News Editor for"

Take a peek inside her closet...

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

loving... top knots.

Easy and very cute.

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Image Credit:  It Looks Good To Me

ava cutrone.

PR & Fashion Mogul Kelly Cutrone at home with her daughter Ava.  Cuute..

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

a-wang, in da house. actually, da soho store.

This dreamy behind-the-scenes-making-of video of Alexander Wang's new store in Soho.  It shoes the making of all the displays including the much talked about fur hammock and features the opening party with Kanye and Lauryn Hill.  Until my own ass is walking down Grand St, NY - I will have to live vicariously through the vid below.  Wah.

C x

Alexander Wang's New Store in New York from on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

country road winter '11.

Ok so I know I'm a bit biased seeing as I used to work for them...  But I really like CR's latest video for their Winter collection.  I have just added $1,700 worth of new product into my cart on their website...  Time to start culling I think...

C x

insight 2011 campaign

If you're ever down on inspiration and your regular youtube clips just aren't hacking it, you should really check out some of Insight's campaign videos.  Their most recent 2011 campaign is gorgeous!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

nico mag.

Ahh such beautiful layouts, photography and use of typography.
I'm ordering my copy of Nico right now...

C x
(Via Trendland)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

isabel's workspace.

I dont know about you but I love looking at pics of workspaces.  The places where the ideas start, the finer details, refined.

And here is the workspace of Isabel Marant...

C x
Image Credits: The Raw Power

clarks x supreme.

Just when I thought my boot addiction couldn't get any worse...

Clarks have collaborated with Supreme on creating these bad boys.  What Supreme has done with the highly popular model is redesigned the ankle area slightly, sloped the back, added extra laces as a hook eye.  With the nubuck upper, they are available in black, grey, sand and navy blue... as well as Supreme red*. Rumour has it that they are to be released sometime in May in Japan but expected to be released in the U.S earlier (at approximately $266 USD).

 C x

*I.  WANT.  RED.

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