Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cross my heart.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Fashion Trade, a collaboration between Country Road and Red Cross.  Such a cool concept; you simply take a bundle of items into any Red Cross store across Australia or New Zealand, make sure there's at least one pre-loved item of Country Road - and you will receive a $10 discount card to spend in any Country Road store on purchases over $50.

Fashion Trade officially launches today and is aimed at reducing textile waste and bringing more quality goods into Red Cross stores (as 97% of items from donation bins are unsellable!).

So, thought I should do the thing by my social conscious and share this with you to help those in need...  Oh, and I also thought the cupcakes were super cute.

C x

Monday, June 28, 2010

rain, rain, go away.

On the downside, the weather in Melbourne is less than ideal at the moment...
But on the upside... There are lots of Winter / End of Financial Year sales going on!
To view all the sales going on in Melbourne at the moment, check out Missy Confidential here.

C x

sweet re-brand.

Have you checked out Anagram's website lately?  Wow, they produce some brilliant stuff.  In particular, I am quite obsessed with their re-branding and store re-design for Theurel & Thomas.  Theurel & Thomas is the first patisserie in Mexico specialized in French macaroons (yummm!).  I love everything about this design.  It's simple clean, elegant, luxurious but still fun.  And I love how the beautiful colours of the products 'pop' against the white backdrop.  So if you hapen to find yourself in San Pedro, Mexico - make sure you have a taste, I mean, look!

C x

pothole gardens.

Sorry for the lack of posts - I have been terribly sick for the last few days but feel like I am finally now on the mend!

"Art student, graphic and installation designer Pete Dungey created this clever project, 'Pothole Gardens', a series of public installations highlighting the problem of surface imperfections on Britain's roads."
- (Trendland)

'If we planted one of those in every hole, it would be like a forest in the road' - Passing Pedestrian.

C x
 Photo credits: Trendland


I have wanted to post about Elizabeth Carruther’s facet boards (amongst her other work) for sometime now.  Elizabeth goes by the design pseudonym, 'No-ëllk' and has been involved in many exciting projects.  I have been seriously inspired by her amazing website and thought I'd share some of my fav's.

C x

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a shake of pepper.

Meet Pepper.  This little guy is Jon Knox's latest creation and is on sale today!  I can't recall how I became familiar with Knox's work but I adore it!  If you're not already familiar with Knox's work, be sure to check out his website, Hello, Brute.  Knox is a designer/illustrator/artist and is best known for his series of hand resin toys produced in limited editions.  His characters are cute and charming and Pepper would have to be one of my faves (as well as little Jeffery the bunny, who sits on my pin board at work).

Check out his artwork here, and his shop here.

Happy Friday!

C x

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

all you need is love.

For the first time in my life, I am without love.  Yes, I have the amazing love from my family and friends (which I quite sure I could not survive without!), but for the first time I am not dedicating myself and life to a partner.  I am not head over heels, butterflies in your tummy, sickeningly in love, with anyone.  I don't have 'that special someone' to cuddle at night (shotgun little spoon!), to talk to about my crap day at work or ask advice from the person who knows me best.  Nope, I'm not surprised with bunches of my favorite flowers, I don't cook dinner with anyone or relay 'inside' (usually ridiculous) jokes with a partner either.  There's no sweet texts during the day or someone to tell me I look beautiful before heading out.

And guess what?  I rather like it.  Because for the first time, I am dedicating all of the love inside of me to myself.  I am learning to enjoy spending time with myself.  I feel like the world's at my feet and I have a great future to look forward to, even if it's totally unknown presently.  I am enjoying getting to know myself better.  I am learning to lean on more than one person.  I am doing the things that I enjoy.  I am spending more time with all the special people in my life who are constants, and will be in my life forever.  I am meeting new people, challenging myself more and focusing on becoming the person I want to be.  I am searching and exploring the real me; not the ideal person that will necessarily attract Mr. Right, but the person I honestly am deep down.

With all that said, I do love love.  And I do beleive in it.  And I can't wait to be in love with someone else.  And I'm looking forward to being loved again.

So here's a website that I love, that is about 'love' - le love.

C x

daily drop cap.

The Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische.  Each day, a brand spanking new, handcrafted initial cap is posted.  Obviously a very talented lady.  Check out her blog here, and her website here.  Boy, I find it hard to keep up with one website, let alone 3!!
Jessica's clients are always a diverse group, ranging from Chronicle Books, Random House, Victoria's Secret and Tiffany & Co...  Be sure to check out her work because this Brooklyn girl is going places!

C x
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