Saturday, June 12, 2010

dream on.

Check out the amaaaazing 50's style home of French Designer Jean-Christophe Aumas in Paris.  The owner describes the living room as a perfect reflection of the "lifestyle of Palm Springs during the 50's".  How gorgeous is the use of colour blocking, the herring bone flooring, the geometric shapes and interesting artworks and objects?  If I had a house like these, I would literally never want to leave.

The art of home decorating never ceases to interest and inspire me because unlike a lot of Graphic Design work, aspects of a home are tangible.  The room itself is the artist's canvas.  A room is filled with objects that can be moved, repositioned and updated.  I love that the complete overall feeling of a room can be instantly transformed with the addition or subtraction of a couple elements.  I always wonder, when is a home ever finished?  When can you walk into each room of the house and think, "Wow, well this room is perfectly complete, I really don't feel the need to do anything else to it."?  I don't know if you ever can, but I may feel like that if this were my home.

Ahhh I could stare at these pictures all day...

C x

Photo Credits: #1 Trend Setter via Marie Claire Maîson

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