Saturday, June 19, 2010

coin laundry.

So we moved into our house a couple of months ago, and at the end of my street is a 40meter strip of shops with the best takeaway going round.  Fish n Chips, Greek, Thai, Chinese, Moroccan, Pizza... you name it, I have it!  But in amongst these shops is also the cutest old-school coin laundry.

I am by no means a good photographer but definitely love having a play on the old SLR and I've been wanting to shoot this place for a while. I love all the old conflicting and crappy typography and the gruesome colours, the old crusty coffee machine and the bolted down plastic chairs.

C x

1 comment:

kate said...

these photos are fucking rad, love to do a fashion shoot here!
and i'd be hiring you with that SLR.
loving the blog
xx katie

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