Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This company's websites have sat in my bookmarks for ages - I have been dying to post about them!
Who are they?  Well they go by the name CONFETTISYSTEM and they are kind of a big deal.  Friends Nicholas Anderson and Julie Ho have developed an incredible business working in an amazing partnership as artists, stylists and designers.

Using simple materials such as tissue paper, cardboard and silk, CONFETTISYSTEM "transforms interactive objects that create a point of focus, where memories are made and a spontaneous collaboration with the viewer is sparked."

CONFETTISYSTEM art direct and create installations and sets for the fashion and music industry and also welcome custom design work  More recently, they have also launched a cute jewlery range.  Is there anything these guys can't do?  CONFETTISYSTEM's client list runs for miles and include United Bamboo, Opening Ceremony, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Pop magazine.

Totally inspiring, they are the most gorgeous company going around!  They literally incorporate everything I love in design... Colour, metallics, texture and paper!  Such a great business concept, I'm sure no day would ever be boring for those two.  Who wouldn't love to create sets out of paper for fashion shows, editorials and exhibitions?

You can check out CONFETTISYSTEM's website or blog here, or perhaps you'd like to purchase a unique artwork (I'll be saving for a bunting) at their store.

 C x


Guess what Santa bought me for Christmas....

Well not Santa, but my lovely friend Kate who shares my love for woven friendship bracelets.  And tacos.  Loving my new Lucy Folk bracelet sick!!

And...  keep watching this space because I will share a special post with you about this talented Fashion Designer friend of mine very soon!

C x
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