Monday, July 19, 2010

sarah and her supermarket.

There are three reasons why I am about to post about Sarah.  Firstly, I love how she decided to throw in her corporate career to achieve her dreams.  People like this prove that it's never to late too change your direction in life.  Secondly, she has an amazing home (see pictures below).  And thirdly, Supermarket Sarah is the amazing website she gave her job in for to create.  Overflowing with treasures, the premise of the site is that you get to actually buy art, clothing and objects right out of Sarah's (and her Boyfriend, designer Henrik Delehag's) London home!  Very cool.

C x
"[artwork above the mantle:  The small paintings of Swedish sauna scenes are by the Swedish artist Ann-Christine Jensmar, the two moustache characters and mason portrait are from Brighton.  The Reward poster is made by Henrik Delehag
He lost his sketchbook that he had been working on for years full of beautiful typography spelling my name ‘Sarah’.
We were so sad when he lost it. We managed to hunt it down eventually after we fly postered Broadway Market with this £300 reward poster.]"
Image and Article Credits: Design Sponge
Photographer: James Gardiner
Stylist: Elkie Brown

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