Friday, July 16, 2010


The latest Chanel couture show (Fall/Winter 10/11) at the Grand Palais  has literally blown my tiny mind.  Quite incredible how and why this magnificent 12-meter golden lion was created.  The iconic lion took 4-5 months to create after Mr. Lagerfeld himself "dreamt" up the idea one night (many of Lagerfeld's set ideas come to him in dreams).  But why a lion?  The lion served as a modest homage to Coco herself; her zodiac sign was Leo, and this is a replica of the lion that stood in her own living room.

As the lion had to viewed from all angels for the show, the lion had to be absolutely flawless.  Interesting how it was created though;  30 sculptures were given a segment of the lion to replicate on a large scale, so each sculpture was left with quite an abstract piece until they put them all together in the end.

Pretty amazing stuff, no?

C x
 Photo Credits: Fashion Magazine

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