Wednesday, May 11, 2011

to do: discover fafi.

So obviously planning for my not-to future travels is pretty much the most fun 'job' in the world.  I can (and kind of do) scour the internet all day, every day - looking at various cities, pubs, restaurants, hostels and attractions that I might like to one day see with my own eyes.  I seem to keep being drawn to one place in particular as I trawl through the 27,000 brochures I've accumulated from various local travel agents.  It is of course, the city of love... Paris (pronounced without the 's', please).

But I don't know, I kind of want to discover the more grungier side of Paris.  Including the lower-key, more local bars and clubs, exhibition spaces and of course, the street art.  Although there is so much street art to discover in Paris, below are some images of my long-time fav street artist Fafi* is one who's works in particular I want to track down for myself.  I love her girly, sexy and colourful characters popping out from the urban backdrops on offer in France.  Definitely on my 'to do' travel list.

*From her 1994 graffiti debut in hometown Toulouse (France), to her recent collaborations with Adidas, M.A.C cosmetics and Chanel, FAFI always left a strong mark wherever she decided to put her pencils and brushes on.  Painting and hustling her sexy and sometimes aggressive characters, she sparked the whole world’s attention, travelling Europe, America and Asia. The planet is a playground and the game is called LOVE AND FAFINESS.
-Extract from Fafi's website.

C x


Alexchris123 said...
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Jonathan said...

The 3rd picture is particularly beautiful, backdrop-wise. Any idea where it is?

A 23 year old Malaysian, who has recently taken the risk of his life and moved to Zürich. :)

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