Thursday, May 5, 2011

g'day london town.

I must firstly apologize for the lack of posts.  Just when I was getting on a roll too!  So much has been happening in my life lately - in the past couple of weeks I have gone from employed to not-so, put my car on the market and have lodged my ancestry visa to live and work in London Town!

I could not be more excited / anxious / petrified about the massive decision to move 24,000km away from my home, family and friends.  I guess you could say I had a bit of an epiphany this month.  I finally came to the realization that life really is too short to work in a job you don't enjoy, to have regrets or those "what-if?" thoughts.  For me, I came to a cross-road in my life where I had never been before.  After always having had a stable life for most of my life - ie. full-time study, full-time work, long-term boyfriend, still living at home, I was suddenly thrown into a world of unemployment and singleness - basically a life without commitment.  So I figure if I don't make a crazy decision to move overseas now - I don't think I ever will!

Early July will bring about a whole new life for me.  No car - it seems 'the Tube' will be my new best friend.  None of the luxuries (including a home-cooked dinner every night and being able to afford expensive skincare) I have always been accustomed to.  The inability to pick up the phone when I am feeling ill with home-sickness.  No cuddles with my puppy.  No instant words of reassurance from the people I love.  I will have to rely on the few contacts I have in London to show me the ropes, and I alone will have to figure out a reliable source of income - not to mention finding somewhere to live!  All this while trying to maintain and inspired and happy lease on life.  I will prove to myself that I can do it!

Anyway I thought I'd leave you with some lovely British visuals today, with the promise of getting my 'arse' back into blogging!

Cheerio darlings!

C x
(Bollocks, what a cock-up!  Apologies for the lack of image credits - I didn't record their sources!)


whateverscoolwithme said...

Very exciting stuff.
You will love London, and most importantly, London will love you!
However, all those images of union jacks are reminding me of a certain sequinned union jack dress....?

Celeste said...

Thank you m'love! Oh I hope London goes easy on me!

...and I should have never gotten rid of that dress on eBay haha. I'm sure I'll be channeling good old Geri Halliwell again in no time :) xx

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