Thursday, February 17, 2011

mulberry invite.

Hallelujah it's Friday!!

I cannot wait for the weekend to begin, it could not have come soon enough!  This weekend, myself and 6 girlfriends will be heading down the coast to Torquay for a girls' weekend away.  I am predicting BIG breakies (umm extra serve of bacon and a hash brown on the side please) in cute cafés, lots of wine, music, mags and chill-out time.  Ahh.. perfect.

Speaking of perfection...  Check out these beautiful invites.  I have come across alot of invitation design in my time.  The following Mulberry invites for London Fashion Week do not exactly embrace a concept that is particularly ground-breaking (the origami invites have definitely been done before)...  But, the invites have such a hand-crafted feel - right down to the hand-drawn leaf.  The paper was created by blending the ‘ingredients’ in a huge vat, rolling it out and drying it into thick, flat sheets of beautiful paper.   The print was screen-printed by hand, gold foiling was added and then folded into the origami shape before being placed into bespoke boxes.  The final result - GORGEOUS.

Have a great weekend everyone!

C x
Image Credits: Mulberry Blog

1 comment:

Lizzy said...

wow! so beautiful!! these are definitely going into the inspiration folder.

what a fun weekend! you predicted well! hope we can do it again soon. thailand... here we come!


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